Terms and Conditions


I,(Full name and surname)

 The undersigned hereby enroll for the course(s) listed above as supplied to me in the terms of the prospectus for the academic year. I understand that all lectures will be in English and that all course material will be in English. I also commit to PAY ALL course fees applicable and understand that fees once paid is not refundable under no circumstances but can be used to undertake the same course or transferred to another course by myself or another person that I will introduce provided that the same person will accept the terms and conditions that I undersign and is qualified to undertake the course under minimum requirements as well as specific faculty requirements of the intended course, subject to regulations governing course deregistration  I will also abide to the RULES AND REGULATIONS of the college.



This contract forms the basis of our contract between you, hereby referred to as “The Student” and Johannesburg Polytechnic Pty Limited HEREBY REFERED TO AS “The Polytechnic”

Conduct while at the College:

 No dangerous weapons allowed in the premises e.g. Guns, knives, machetes, pen knives etc. Fighting and raising quarrels in the college premises will lead to suspension. In case of fights we will call the SAPS and have your registration revoked without refund.

  1. Stealing either from students, staff or college property is an offence which will lead to prosecution and deregistration with no refund.
  1. No drugs allowed in the premises, this includes smoking in public areas, marijuana and any form of narcotics. If caught pushing drugs or taking drugs we wil deregister you with no refund and call the SAPS.
  1. Drinking alcoholic drinks while on campus is strictly prohibited. We will deregister you without a refund.
  1. Pornography is strictly prohibited in the college premises. Illegal gaming, internet fraud, fraud and pedophile behaviour will lead to deregistration and a report to the SAPS. This includes posting of pornographic material online.


  1. Smoking is restricted to outside the college premises. No smoking in the toilets or anywhere in the college premises. The college is a smokefree zone. Alcohol and alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited in the premises. No eating or drinking in the lecture rooms. If caught we will suspend your classes for one month and if caught again we will deregister with no refund.
  1. Punctuality: Avoid spending more time in the computer and other facilities to the detriment of others after your time is over. Always carry your student card to be allowed to use the college facilities. Cell phone communication while in the class is strictly prohibited. Cell phones must be off at all times during the classes.
  1. Language: uncouth language towards other students and lecturers and making excessive noise, etc are not allowed, racial and derogatory terms including xenophobic terms, meant to humiliate sections of the community in a discriminative way are strictly prohibited. Johannesburg Polytechnic is a diverse, multi-national institution which promotes a non-racial, non-sexist, non-discriminative and non-xenophobic society where no one is discriminated on whatever grounds.  Continued use of undesirable language after two warnings will lead to deregistration with no refunds


  1. You must attend all lectures registered for before graduating. In case of absence without leave of absence, a doctor’s certificate must be provided. International students must show cause why they should not attend courses for more than 7 days, in the event that an international student does not attend classes we have the obligation to inform the Department of Home Affairs and the relevant consulate.


All Assignments, Formative Assessments and Summative Assessments MUST be handed on by the due dates for one to get a mark on a module. Please note that there are strict deadlines for Formative Assessments as well as for Summative Assessments to be handed in. Failure to adhere to the rules will result in a zero score.


  1. Fees are payable up-front on or before the 1st day of every month (i.e. for students with payment arrangements).
  2. Fees once paid are not refundable. Fees to external examination bodies are not received at the polytechnic and hence are not included in the tuition fees. Where a student is on arrears by the 2nd of every month, the student will be refused from attending lectures and fees will attract a 10% interest per month. Classes not attended WILL NOT be refunded nor redone.
  3. In case of cancellations by the college, all efforts will be made to make a remedial class available to the student, if it is not possible due to problems beyond the control of the polytechnic, we will endeavor to defer the class to the following semester, however if the student feels that the class completion dates are way too far, we will do a refund of the course based on calculations for Clause 20 applicable to international students.


  1. Must pay fees equivalent to 6 papers in Advance before issue of a PROVISIONAL LETTER OF ADMISSION. International Students with Work Permits/Refugee Permits/Asylum Seekers Permits/Business Permit can register for individual papers without seeking a student permit so long as they attend part-time.
  2. The Current Student Fees are USD 7000.00 which covers tuition and books /revision kits for 6 subjects excluding accommodation and living expenses and examination fees.
  3. Dishonored Cheques/Debit order/Standing Order: payments made to our account and not honored due to whatever circumstances will in addition to clause 11.0 attract a penalty fee of R200.00 which must be paid before classes resume.


  1. Fees once paid and a PROVISIONAL LETTER OF ADMISSION has been issued WILL NOT be refunded under any circumstances except for under clause 18 below. Please note that once you accept and sign this application your space has been booked. In the event that you cannot attend the course you must apply for course deferment/transfer to another course using the standard form downloadable from our website and available at the office of the registrar within 30 days.
  2. Please note that course deferment can only be requested by students who are already registered for a particular course. This however DOES NOT affect Students Denied Permits under clause 18.00 below.
  3. Course deferment: course deferment/deregistration can only be done if there is a reasonable explanation why a student cannot undertake the course at a particular time e.g. a doctor’s letter or a delayed student permit.
  4. Subject to Clause 16 above, if the course fees increases during the following semester of the deferment, the student will have to pay for the increase.
  5. Prospective International Students Denied Permit: Incase a Prospective student permit has been denied by the relevant authority i.e. department of home affairs in South Africa or South African Consular services in your country, a REFUND will be given less the following:
  • Banking Charges – for transmission to your bank account
  • Registration Fee = R1000.00
  • 35% Course Cancellation Fee

The student must fill a course cancellation / deferment form within 30 days (1 MONTH) of such refusal giving us the circumstances for cancellation, a copy of the passport showing a stamp for denial should be attached.

  1. Please note that it will take 3 Months for processing refunds since we have to investigate whether you applied for a student permit and you were refused at the relevant department. Please note that in case you are found that you have already been issued with a student permit, you will FORFEIT all the fees paid and we will also forward your cancellation to the consulate or department of home affairs for cancellation of the permit. Cancellations after 30 days upon refusal will not be accepted and the student will FORFEIT all the fees.
  2. CHANGING COLLEGES: International Students are NOT allowed under any circumstances to change from Johannesburg Polytechnic for any course they are registered for, for the duration of their permit. Please note that NO refunds will be given to you should you intend to change from Johannesburg Polytechnic to another Tuition Provider. Should you also fail to inform us of such change, we will report to the Consulate and the Department of Home Affairs of the Breach of Permit terms. Any change must be in agreement with Johannesburg Polytechnic and a letter of transfer will be issued to the Department of Home Affairs informing the circumstances requiring such a change.
  3. COURSE DEFERMENT: you can defer your course only once during the course duration. Please note that if you defer for more than one semester, any fee increases will be borne by yourself in the coming academic semester. All course deferments must be filled in the COURSE DEFERMENT FORM and must be approved by the course coordinator.
  1. Student Accommodation: The Polytechnic does not offer accommodation but may refer prospective students to third party service providers for accommodation. Please note that such a referral does not form part of this contract and the student must negotiate such services on his/her own. In case of failure by the service provider to render the services, the Polytechnic will not accept liability.
  1. A student will remain designated as non-active for 1 month after failing to attend lectures. Thereafter deregistration and forfeiture of any fees paid will follow without any further correspondence

Indemnity: I hereby indemnify Johannesburg Polytechnic, Strathrand Technology cc, its workers, employees, management and agents from any legal costs which may arise due to any risk due to negligence, damage of property, accidents, loss of property or loss of life including death whilst I am in the their Polytechnic I further indemnify Johannesburg Polytechnic Pty Limited, its agents, workers, employees and management against any Legal costs whatsoever emanating from denied access to the Polytechnic due to any “acts of God” including civil disobedience, civil strife, flooding, inaccessibility due to any negligence of the owners of the premises and their third party agents and not limited to any legal process or insolvency.

  1. All applications must be accompanied by:
  • Copy of Identity Document (SA ID/Refugee Card/Asylum Seekers Permit or Copy of Valid Passport (not necessarily having a visa/permit if applying for the first time. ))
  • Application fee: R1000.00 non-refundable or R 500.00 for N4-N6-Courses
  • Filled and Signed Application form (for Under 21 years a guardian signature and copy of Identity document is required)  and Proof of residence (e.g. Water Bill/ Telkom Account/Utility Bill or Lease agreement/ Bank Statement)
  • CIMA / ACCA /ICSA/ IMM/ ICB/MICT Seta Registration number if available
  • Copies of relevant academic or professional qualifications
  • 1 Passport/ID size Photo
  1. Data Protection: Johannesburg Polytechnic uses the best practices with regards to privacy of information. We endeavor to use data captured either via the website or via application forms only for internal use. Where such information may be required for external use or legally required, the student hereby expressly allows the Polytechnic to give out such information. We may also contact you from time to time to give updates on polytechnic news and offers from relevant third parties.


I hereby accept to abide by the rules and regulations which may be published from time to time. I also declare that the information provided above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

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